Analysis of The Relationship Between Customer Satisfaction and Service Quality of a Pet Shop in Depok, East Java

  • Eunike Riahta Tarigan


Abstract: In this research, the analysis gaps of customer expectation toward
service quality of a pet shop business in Depok, East Java, Indonesia by using
Parasuraman’s SERVQUAL scale was investigated. The results indicated
that all five dimensions of SERVQUAL had gaps in expectations and
performance while Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance and Empathy
significantly gave positive gap scores (P>E). It can lead to satisfaction to
customers, while Tangible gave a negative gap score (P<E) that affected a
dissatisfaction; and the customer expectations and the service performances
of the pet shop were exceeding customer expectations (P>E). Overall
average SERVQUAL gap score was indicating satisfaction to customers. As
a quantitative research, data were collected from 50 respondents of the pet
shop’s customers using a questionnaire and was analyzed using SPSS. This
research becomes a good input from its customers which opened an
opportunity for the pet shop management to improve its business
performance in the future.
Keywords: service quality, customer expectation, service performance, pet